My DNA Fragrance helps you smell like your favorite celebrity, for a price

My DNA Fragrance John Reznikoff

My DNA Fragrance John Reznikoff

In a move that brings all of us one step closer to having our very own miniature George Clooney, John Reznikoff brings us My DNA Fragrance. John is a sort of modern day Jean-Baptiste Grenouille(Minus the homocidal impulses) who has finally found a use for all of that famous hair he’s collected through the years. Reznikoff extracts the mitochondrial(mtDNA) from the hair follicles of dead celebrities and uses it to create his “Antiquity” series of scents and perfumes. Ever want to smell like Marilyn Monroe, or hell, Richard Nixon? He’s got you covered. Other smell-likeable celebrities include Albert Einstein and Michael Jackson. How does it work? Who cares! You can smell like Charles Dickens! Everyone knows the scents of nineteenth century London were second to none.

Each scent only costs about a $100. Collect them all at the company’s website.

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