Swedish designer spends million making Batmobile replica, includes machine-guns

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Holy cool factor Batman! Swedish designer Leif Garvin poured a million dollars and over 20,000 man hours to create this astounding Batmobile replica. This wonderous creation started out it’s life as a 1973 Lincoln Continental, but after a lot of blood, sweat and bat-tears it has become something else entirely. Aside from looking cool, this Batmobile offers some modern amenities. The interior features a bundle of gadgets, including satellite navigation, reversible cameras, a DVD player and a plasma television. Oh yeah. It also has machine-guns. Really. Do they have lax gun laws in Sweden or something?

Engine specs haven’t been released entirely, but we do know it boasts power somewhere along the lines of 700 horsepower. Also, did we mention it has machine-guns? Machine. Guns. Our 12 year old selves are losing a lot of sleep tonight. Check the video below:

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