VESANY Hidden Camera Detector Anti-Spy Cam

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Know everything that’s around you with the VESANY Hidden Camera Detector Anti-Spy Cam. This handheld gadget takes just two steps to figure out if there’s a hidden camera where you are by detecting suspicious RF signal sources. Because no one wants to be spied on. Additionally, VESANY features an anti-break-in function. Traveling? All you have to do is hang VESANY from your hotel room doorknob, and the device will pick up motion. Additionally, its built-in alarm and glare will go off if someone tries to break in. So whatever your security concerns, VESANY has them covered with its 2.4Ghz camera, GPS locators, wireless tracking, RF range, and Bluetooth detection. What’s more, this is on top of its highly sensitive motion detector. Sleep more soundly from now on with VESANY.

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If you’re suspicious about your surroundings, it will give you peace of mind.

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