Mudra Band Gesture Control Strap

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The Mudra Band Gesture Control Strap takes your Apple Watch to the next level by allowing you to enjoy music, manage calls, and receive notifications with a touchless design. In fact, this strap lets you use effortless finger movements to do so. These days, not having to touch your Apple Watch is the better choice. Compatible with the Apple Watch 3 and newer, this smart wristband slides over the screen just like a typical watch strap. Instantly, your watch transforms into a one-handed device so you can multitask with ease. Electrodes inside the band detect neural signals sent from your brain when you move your fingers. So you won’t have to stop to change the song while running. What’s more, you can answer a call while driving without taking your eyes off the road. Finally, using SNC sensors, it recognizes when gestures are intentional or unintentional to provide a positive user experience.

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This smart wristband gives you even more control.

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