KamiBaby Breathing Magnifier Baby Monitor

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New parents will be able to rest a little easier with the KamiBaby Breathing Magnifier Baby Monitor. This baby monitor uses the last AI and Edge computing technologies to amplify your baby’s breathing. You’ll be able to check on your baby’s breathing on the Kami app anytime, anywhere. KamiBaby is your all-in-one intelligent companion for your baby or toddler. This baby monitor also monitors the temperature and humidity of the room, since those elements are important for a comfortable sleeping environment. KamiBaby also has cry detection. When your baby starts crying, you’ll know right away and will be able to comfort them immediately. Worried your baby isn’t getting enough sleep? KamiBaby also tracks that so you can view each night’s summary of movement and sleep.

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This monitor makes it easy to track your baby’s breathing for peace of mind.

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