Cardlax AirPods Washer

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Keep your AirPods and AirPods Pro properly cleaned with the Cardlax AirPods washer. It has a spinning brush, a built-in sprayer, and a rotating interior that rolls your earbuds. Compatible with 99% of earbud types, each piece of the Cardlax is easy to remove and clean. Simple to use, this AirPods washer is a great way to keep nasty gunk and grime off of your earbuds and out of your ears. Additionally, its soft cosmetic sponge and brush let you clean every corner of your wireless earbuds. Because the built-in sponge soaks in an antibacterial cleaning solution, it lets you sanitize every nook and cranny of your earbuds. In just four easy steps, you’ll be able to clear earwax and other substances out of your earbuds.

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Clean all that gunk and grime off of your earbuds with ease.

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