AirOgo Pilloon Collar Pillow Jacket

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Travel will become a breeze when you have the AirOgo Pilloon Collar Pillow Jacket. This jacket has a built-in pillow that you can easily and quickly inflate. This allows you to lean back and get some rest wherever you are. Plus, this collar pillow jacket also comes with an eye mask and gloves that generate warmth to help you rest more comfortably. They’re made with a heat-generating fabric, which means you can overcome the cold temperatures on planes and in public transit. Additionally, this jacket is completely waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about spilling coffee on it when you’re juggling multiple items on the train. The Pilloon is a stylish combination of travel jacket, pillow, and raincoat. If you travel often, it’s the way to stay well rested.

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Keeping you dry, warm, and comfortable, it’s the ultimate travel jacket.

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