Lisse Contactless Portable Wine Decanter

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Change the way you drink vino with the Lisse Contactless Portable Wine Decanter. All you have to do is set this compact device about six inches away from your glass of wine. Then, using wireless sensing technology, it detects your wine and decants it without even touching it. Rather than waiting for 20 minutes for your wine to decant, you can use Lisse to wait a mere 15 seconds. After that, taste your wine, and decide if you want to continue using the contactless wine decanter or if you like how your glass tastes. Being patient and waiting for a traditional decanter to work its magic isn’t bad. However, this compact decanter lets you get the benefits anywhere. Bring this 8.8-ounce portable decanter with you on a picnic or to the beach, and you’ll get to enjoy your wine at all its stages.

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The world of wine just got a whole lot better.

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