Lumir K Cooking Oil LED Lamp

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The Lumir K Cooking Oil LED Lamp is your next favorite outdoor gadget. By converting the oil’s thermal energy into electricity, this camping lamp turns on the LED lights. With this cooking oil lantern, you don’t need to worry about remembering batteries or fuel. And the great part is, this cooking oil lamp works with any type of cooking oil. Whether you prefer olive oil or coconut oil, this lamp will take it. Plus, this lamp actually shines a very useful light that is about 100 times brighter than a typical candle. Simply add the oil, light the wick, and place the lamp over the small flame. This will light the LED lights, so you can see your camp stove or card game. Furthermore, you won’t run out of oil any time soon. This lamp uses just five milliliters of oil in an hour.

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The versatile fuel options make this the perfect light source for any adventure.

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