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You haven’t heard your audio quite like the Light Speaker flamelike Bluetooth speaker makes it sound. This gorgeous wireless speaker combines two important elements: sound and light. In fact, with a light temperature of 3,500 kelvin, this gadget glows like a real flame. You’ll get that warm, comforting campfire experience wherever you go with this portable speaker. Designed with two knobs and the shape of a lantern, this flamelike Bluetooth speaker lets you easily adjust the light and sound. Adjust the lamp from a deep glowing coal to a bright light. Made of high-quality materials, this gadget goes with you anywhere, inside or out. You can even attach the handle to carry it with ease. Boasting 360º sound, rich bass, and clear treble, the Light Speaker is sure to immerse you. Fires are a gathering place that bring us together, which is just what the Light Speaker will do.

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It glows like a real flame, providing a campfire ambiance.

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