GyroPalm Patented Gesture Controlled Wearable

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Have the world at your fingertips, or at least on your wrist, with the GyroPalm Patented Gesture Controlled Wearable. Looking like a modern advanced smartwatch, this impressive wearable features intuitive gesture recognition while also having most of the functions of a smartwatch. With GyroPalm, a flick of your wrist allows you to control robots, play games, manage your electronic devices and appliances, and more, usually within 3,000 feet. Inside the wearable is a patented system chock full of algorithms to detect and interpret your movements. Once you activate, it can read and understand your gesture instantly for a truly satisfying control experience. Most users can use GyroPalm adequately with the four to five preset gestures and can also create customizable gestures. With configuration, you can even use GyroPalm to perform various advanced functions through the cloud.

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It’s a connected smartwatch that is actually smarter than the rest.

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