GolfPal Sling Shot PRO Swing Trainer

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Give your golf swing the extra speed you need to win with the GolfPal Sling Shot PRO swing trainer. This speed training gadget provides audible, visible, and kinesthetic feedback—and it does so throughout your entire swing. While most overspeed training products don’t actually teach you, this one does because GolfPal knows that your swing depends on having solid mechanics. With the feedback this swing trainer provides, you’ll improve your balance, tempo, and timing. As a result, you’ll achieve maximum club head speed, improve your flexibility, and increase your power. The Sling Shot PRO works for most players who have moderate to high swing speeds. Additionally, it comes with four weight settings—265 g, 315 g, 390 g, and 465 g—and three removable weights. With an all carbon fiber 45″ shaft, it provides just the right feel for your swing.

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The four different weight settings let you personalize it.

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