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Take your photography and videography up a level with the TEKE Hollywood DMX lighting. Providing big-budget looks at a lower price point, the TEKE lighting lets you instantly apply animations and do so much more. In fact, you can use this photo lighting for sound-reactive effects, dynamic moods, and movie looks from your phone or DMX software. The connected app makes it so easy to choose lighting presets or adjust brightness, color temperature, and other effects. Moreover, this video creator lighting enhances your footage with a flicker-free, ultra-bright colorful light that will change everything. Choose from 20″ or 40″ lengths that have built-in end-to-end sliding mount tracks. Sleek, durable, and resistant to weather, its four-hour battery life ensures it lasts the whole shoot—no matter where you are. Or you can keep it going longer with the USB-C port. This Hollywood DMX lighting lets you experience complete creative freedom.

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It works with Android, iOS, macOS, and PC.

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