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Designed for virtual calls, the MuteMe illuminated mute button not only increases your productivity but also decreases interruptions. Moreover, it boosts your confidence by ensuring you and others know when you are and aren’t muted. Normally, you and others have to have your videoconference window open and then locate the small microphone icon. And people in your home may often walk in on your meeting, not knowing if you’re muted or not. Those problems go away with this light-up mute button. MuteMe sits atop your desk, and it works with any microphone, connecting to your computer via USB. Easy to use, this sleek illuminated mute button glows red when you’re muted and green when you aren’t. So you, your family members, and those you’re talking to online all know when your mic is on.

Discovered by Genevieve

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It’s great for videoconferencing and distance learning alike.

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