JMGO U2 4K Tri-Color 100-Inch Laser TV Projector

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Get awesome performance for your home cinema with the JMGO U2 4K tri-color laser TV projector. This 4K laser projector uses cutting-edge tri-color laser technology. In fact, it utilizes industry-leading tri-laser technology to create stunning images. And it’s more than bright enough to stand up to a sunny room. It’s even rated at 3600 ANSI lumens when used with the ALR screen. Moreover, it offers incredible surround sound thanks to its system—co-created with Dynaudio. It boasts surround sound certification from Dolby Audio and DTS-HD, so it’ll take you everywhere from deep-sea trenches to steaming jungles to the stars. Not only that, but its stunning design is sure to stand out in your home theater. Featuring a futuristic silver exterior, the U2 compliments your living room with an elegant metallic touch. Overall, enjoy a 100’’ cinema experience with all your 3D movies using this gadget.

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The 9.4″ ultra-short-throw design is impressive!

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