Joy Resolve Barisieur 2.0 Immersion Brewer Alarm Clock

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Improving upon the first model, the Joy Resolve Barisieur 2.0 immersion brewer alarm clock now wirelessly charges as well. In fact, this is truly an all-in-one morning gadget. This bedside barista lets you wake up to the smell of coffee. It’s an automatic tea and coffee brewing machine that gets you up for the day with the built-in alarm. Then, it’ll prepare your caffeinated drink the best way possible: through an immersion method. So you no longer have to stumble out of bed in the morning before you’ve had your caffeine. Now, you can fully wake up before greeting anyone else. With a smart induction heater and a tiny smart mini fridge, the Joy Resolve Barisieur 2.0 offers it all. Available in two color options—Blonde and White or Walnut and Black—this gorgeous tea brewer will blend in with your modern aesthetic.

Discovered by Genevieve

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This is the alarm clock that will actually get you out of bed.

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