LG XBOOM Go PL5 Portable Speaker

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Because the LG XBOOM Go PL5 portable speaker uses Meridian Audio Technology, it’s truly a great party speaker. This integrated tech ensures that, even when you turn the volume up high, it doesn’t distort the sound. Plus, built with dual passive radiators, this portable speaker gives you super-big bass. Furthermore, offering a water-resistance rating of IPX5, the LG PL5 XBOOM Go ensures you don’t worry wherever the party’s at. Set it by the pool or on the shore, and it’ll be just fine. Boasting a whopping 18 hours of battery life, it’ll be there as long as you want it to be. Not only that, but it also offers LED lights that pulse along with the beat of your music. Available in black and white color options, it connects to an app via Bluetooth, offering easy control.

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The 18 hours of battery life are pretty impressive!

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