DeskSpace Lunar Surface Accessory

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If you love NASA and the space program, the DeskSpace Lunar Surface Accessory is the next thing you need to buy. This tile is a detailed model of the lunar surface using 3D NASA typology data. Made from jewelry-grade concrete and aerospace-grade aluminum, it’s the perfect gift for yourself or the space enthusiast in your life. Commemorate and celebrate Apollo 11’s 50th anniversary and bring home this one-of-a-kind stylish and sophisticated space accessory. Additionally, it will look great in your home or office, and it perfectly matches DeskSpace’s gemstone Solar System Set. Furthermore, you’ll have your choice of two sizes—large (180 x 180 mm) and regular (100 x 100 mm). Finally, you can even get an Apollo pen and rocket stand to go with it.

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This is a great gift for the NASA lover you know.

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