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Enjoy consistently comfortable sleep with the Rokabi Master of Comfort Pillow. Featuring high-grade materials throughout its layers, the Rokabi Pillow combines innovative structure with intelligent design. Its core consists of 50 micro-adapting springs, giving it the ability to adjust itself and sustain pressure. This feature provides consistent support no matter how you move throughout the night. Additionally, the 1.1 down alternative filling that covers the core is hypoallergenic and super soft. Furthermore, the 3D airflow mesh features breathable sides that enable air regulation and breathability, making Rokabi always cool and refreshing. In addition, Rokabi is ideal for back sleepers, side sleepers, and front sleepers since it creates ideal body alignment between your head, neck, and spine. Finally, Rokabi also makes for a comfortable cuddle pillow thanks to its consistent fluffiness.

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It gives total support no matter how you sleep.

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