Zetazs Mini Electric Skateboard

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Zip around in style with the Zetazs Mini Electric Skateboard. Equipped with safe braking and a handy flexible controller, this e-skateboard gives you a free ride whenever you need it. Featuring a compact body, Zetazs is easy to carry and travel with. Likewise, the mini electric skateboard weighs less than 10 pounds for comfortable carrying. Incredibly powerful, it can travel 15 miles per hour. Similarly, it has a range of 9.3 miles. The skateboard also comes with a remote control that is easy for anyone to use. Simply click the button for the skateboard to switch from moving forward to backward. Additionally, you can control all traditional skateboard motions via the remote, such as accelerating, braking and changing gears. Thanks to starting stability and safe braking, even beginners quickly get the hang of it. Complete with eye-catching LED lights and a bold design, Zetazs turns heads whenever you ride it.

Discovered by Ashley

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This compact skateboard has impressive range for its size.

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