TIPEN 2.0 Minimal EDC Pen

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The TIPEN 2.0 minimal EDC pen isn’t just an ultra-portable writing instrument, but it’s also a super-tough EDC tool. Virtually indestructible with a Grade 5 titanium body, it also has an amazingly strong Silicon Nitride Ceramic (Si3N4) tip. That means it’s both a smooth writing utensil and a multifunctional tool to slice and puncture. For an emergency pen, the TIPEN 2.0 is the ideal choice—just slide it on your key ring and forget about it until you need it. Moreover, it’s also waterproof and fireproof. And you can say goodbye to sharing pens with other members of the public. Those are sure to be full of bacteria, germs, and viruses. Instead, keep the TIPEN 2.0 to yourself and stay nice and healthy. Finished in three unique laser-engraved looks, this minimal EDC pen is a sleek piece of functional art that’s built for this strange new world.

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Waterproof and fireproof, there’s nothing this pen can’t handle.

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