Tillak’s Siletz Modular Carry System

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Easily protect and organize everything you need to take with you when you have Tillak’s Siletz Modular Carry System. Designed for everything from adventures in nature to your commute, this system includes a backpack, laptop sleeve, travel/photo insert, and a night bag. The backpack has a whopping 35L of internal storage space. Plus, it’s 100% waterproof to offer incredible protection no matter what the weather (or an accident) brings. Beyond the backpack, the Siletz System comes with a variety of modular inserts. The Work and Travel System has all the space you need for your trips or commute. This includes a laptop sleeve, night bag, and a compartmentalized insert for things like photography gear. Likewise, the Outdoor System features a gear pouch, cooler insert, shoulder pouch, and a wet/dry insert. All of these modules fit inside the backpack which is complete with adjustable and contoured straps.

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The modular design makes this bag system perfect for everything from your commute to adventures.

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