New Apple Pencil 2nd-Generation iPad Stylus

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Have total control over your work and play with the New Apple Pencil 2nd-Generation iPad Stylus. Redesigned for easier and effortless use, this clever stylus automatically converts your handwriting to text. In fact, it works with Scribble to make notetaking a breeze. You can even fill in text boxes by simply writing in them. When you handwrite something in Notes, your iPad can copy and paste the text between apps. You can even call a phone number you write by hand. Want to do a little interior decorating? Draw shapes by hand, and Scribble will instantly correct them to perfect squares and circles. What’s more, it instantly and automatically pairs to your device and sticks right to the side to charge. With a cylindrical touch sensor, it gives you control like never before.

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Now you can write in cursive directly on your iPad.

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