Spyra One Next Generation Water Gun

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Take your water fights to the next level when you arm yourself with the Spyra One Next Generation Water Gun. The traditional water gun has received a much-needed makeover. To give you ultra clear hits, the Spyra One delivers perfectly sized and powerful water bullets right to your target. Incredibly, the Spyra One gives you an impressive range of over 25 feet. In fact, under perfect conditions, your bullets and spray could reach nearly 40 feet. This is much further than typical water guns. Likewise, you can easily refill the water gun by placing it in water and pressing a button for just 14 seconds. On the top is a digital display to show how much battery is left and how much water is in the tank. The powerful battery lasts 45 refill cycles. No matter how much water is left, you’ll get constant pressure with each shot to totally soak your target.

Discovered by Genevieve

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It’s the ultimate way to win any water fight ever.

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