OPOLO High-Security Crypto Wallet

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Keep your cryptocurrency nice and safe with the OPOLO high-security crypto wallet. With a sleek design, this hardware wallet is simple and easy to use. Furthermore, it has an incredibly secure design thanks to its high-security certified chip with an EAL6+ rating. Keep your bank with you wherever you go using this 100%-offline high-security crypto wallet. Designed with a large 3.2-inch touchscreen display, the OPOLO makes it easy to enter your password, passphrase, and address. And it works with more than 120 coins and 200,000 tokens. So it makes sending and receiving your favorite kinds of coins super easy. Furthermore, this gadget acts as a crypto/fiat exchange as well as a password manager. Use this simple cold wallet to store your crypto with security: it’s completely offline, open source, and EAL6+ certified.

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This 100%-offline gadget also acts as a password manager.

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