Audio Headband RUN-UP Performance Audio Headband

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If you’re a runner, you’re probably used to irritating earbuds that fall out and aren’t ergonomic. The Audio Headband RUN-UP performance audio headband is the future of listening to music and taking calls—and it’s comfortable to wear. This is all thanks to the soft, flexible fabric that’s gentle on the skin. Place over your head and dive into a deep bass sound with your favorite songs. And it even reduces sound leakage to direct the soundwaves toward only you. And with a three-dimensional and rich sound, your music will become your motivator. But the performance audio headband features don’t end there. You can also answer phone calls on the go. In fact, the built-in microphone focuses on your voice to avoid any background noise. Finally, it’ll warn you if there are close vehicles approaching. This helps keep you safe on the road when you’re cycling, running, or walking.

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This headband will warn you if a vehicle is approaching.

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