All 7 Portable Hands-Free Fan

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You can go about your day as usual—though much more comfortably—with the All 7 Portable Hands-Free Fan. This wearable gadget keeps you cool whether you’re doing activities indoors or outdoors. In fact, with three different speed settings, this little gadget can produce a maximum wind speed of six meters per second. And it achieves this through a unique fan system that doesn’t involve a propellor. Not only that, but it’s also so quiet that you won’t bother anyone else at the office. Moreover, you won’t have to take a break from a game of touch football to adjust it because it’s entirely hands free. Furthermore, it rotates up to 180 degrees, allowing you even more adjustment for just the right amount of cool.

Discovered by Genevieve

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It’s awesome that this offers three different speeds.

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