SureShot Tee Reusable Golf Peg

Made in USA
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Break your tees often? The SureShot Tee reusable golf peg is a solution to that. This consistent, durable, and reusable peg is a way to avoid littering all over your favorite golf courses. When you hit it, the top half of this tee bends—thanks to its Smooth Flex Roller technology—rather than breaking. Because of its low-impact resistance design, it stays in the ground so you can use it over and over again until you master your shot. Made of a patented polymer, this strong tee is one you can use over and over without discarding. And it’s twice as impact resistant as carbon steel. Not only that, but it also helps avoid cutting down trees for wood tees that are easily breakable as well. Finally, the SureShot Tee comes in three sizes: size three for driver shots, size two for wood or iron shots, and size one for iron shots.

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Editor’s Quote

It’s a great way to avoid littering and improve your range.

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