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Appreciate the beauty of any painting or print with the Canvia Smart Art Display. Using patent-pending ArtSense technology, this digital display looks just like a real painting. Canvia imitates authentic physical art by conserving realistic details such as color, texture, and even individual brushstrokes. Unlike the traditional approach to buying art, Canvia can be updated at any time and offers unprecedented flexibility through access to a curated art library. Additionally, you can control the display using the app or web account. It even responds to your voice thanks to Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant integrations. Canvia makes it easy to find art that suits your changing tastes, occasions, and d├ęcor. The smart art display also comes with interactive features. Zoom functionality allows you to highlight your favorite details and caption overlays teach you about the artist and artwork history. Finally, you can upload your own content, such as personal photos.

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This clever display lets you change your artwork to suit your space or mood.

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