Superhero Body Portable Sit-Up Bar for Floor Kit

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Create your own at-home workout using the Superhero Body Portable Sit-Up Bar, and you’re sure to see results. This simple device effectively trains your abdominal muscles, and it’ll help you maintain your great results as well. The sit-up bar works on gloss and polished surfaces—like marble, ceramic, and glass-like surfaces. However, it won’t work on unpolished surfaces like hard wood, rubber, or carpet. A versatile package, it includes all the essential tools to get you started with ab training so you can see progress right away. You’ll get a sit-up bar, an ab roller, an elastic band, and a workout guide. Offering adjustability, the sit-up bar uses strong vacuum cups and helps you to practice a variety of exercises and to get results faster. Furthermore, the ab roller provides stability, and the elastic band lets you vary intensity for beginners and elites.

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It even comes with a training guide, helping you develop a full exercise regimen at home!

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