TM100 Smart Pepper Spray with a Camera and Flash

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Carry a self-defense mechanism unlike any other: the TM100 Smart Pepper Spray. This useful gadget also incorporates a camera and flash feature. In fact, it connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and sends a recording of your attacker straight to your phone. Not only will you film anyone who comes at you, but it’ll also surprise them with a super bright flash. This will effectively blind them if they come toward you. Any videos and images will go straight to your phone so you’ll have them in case you need them. Furthermore, this self-defense tool has a flip-top design for added safety and to avoid accidental deployment. And the top glows at night so you can easily see it when you need it. Make sure you always have protection when you need it with the TM100.

Discovered by Genevieve

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It actually sends recordings to your phone via Bluetooth!

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