PITTA Transformative Autonomous Drone

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Easily capture your experiences with the PITTA Transformative Autonomous Drone. This transformative autonomous drone combines a drone, action cam, and home security cam into a single device. Likewise, PITTA allows you to capture aerial, mounted and handheld shots. With PITTA, you can change modes and seamlessly transition between shots in a matter of seconds. Featuring a Snap and Twist-to-Lock modular design, switching between ground and aerial shots is smooth and easy. To use PITTA as a drone, just snap on the drone module and allow the device to hover in the air. Using the auto-follow mode, you can begin recording in no time so you can focus on the experience. Similarly, simply snap on the action cam module on any standard mount to capture ground level shots. Furthermore, use PITTA as a home security camera by docking it on the charging cradle and turning it on.

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You can easily switch between modes to capture the footage you need.

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