PITAKA MagDock All-in-One Magnetic Wireless Charging Dock

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Charge all of your devices at once when you have the PITAKA MagDock All-in-One Magnetic Wireless Charging Dock. Armed with a built-in portable power bank, it also has a companion app to help you track battery life. The MagDock features a wireless charging spot for your smartphone, smartwatch, and even your wireless earbuds. Additionally, the MagDock goes a step further to put your smartphone at the right angle, allowing you to watch videos while charging. The top actually twists so you can adjust the viewing angle and use the charger as a stand. With this layout, you can continue to use your smartphone as it charges. In addition to this clever design, the MagDock uses magnets to secure your smartphone in place. You’ll never have to worry about knocking it out of place again. When it’s time to hit the road, just take the MagDock with you in the Zip-&-Go travel pouch. It doubles as a portable 7800mAh power bank to take your wireless charging anywhere.

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This dock can do it all – even help you on the go!

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