360 S10 Robot Vacuum Cleaner



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Clean with the 360 S10 robot vacuum cleaner, which uses advanced autonomous AI navigation to find its way around. Moreover, it boasts triple-eye LiDARs that offer 360-degree 3D smart mapping with no blind spots so it never collides with anything. And it can detect more than 100 types of obstacles—even as low as 1 cm. Additionally, measuring only 3.35 inches tall and using a hidden LiDAR sensor, it gets into tight spaces for thorough cleaning. It supports auto carpet detection, customized cleaning zones and times, no-go zones, multifloor mapping, and automatic upgrades. You can even use Alexa, Google Assistant, Clova, and other voice assistants. Furthermore, it has 3,300 Pa suction power, a speed of 27,000 rpm, and a large electric-controlled water tank to vacuum and mop at the same time. Finally, this robot vacuum cleaner will keep your home super shiny and clean.

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It packs triple-eye LiDARs in an ultra-thin body.

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