Tesvor T8 Robotic Vacuum

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With the Tesvor T8 robotic vacuum, you’ll have a truly clean floor. That’s because this gadget sweeps and mops as well. It even has a large water tank that lets it get your floors really clean. Boasting intelligent visual navigation, it can identify layouts even in complex home environments. Furthermore, with a breakpoint cleaning feature, it returns to the pause position after a full charge before continuing on the original cleaning path. Moreover, this gadget uses directional cleaning, which means it can go to a specific spot you want it to clean. Simply use app control with your home’s map to plan its path. This robot vacuum responds to Alexa and Google Assistant voice control as well, so you can ask it to clean specific spots and even schedule and monitor cleaning sessions. Finally, its OTA online firmware upgrade function updates it in real time to solve any potential issues.

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Boasting quiet operation, it ensures you hardly notice it.

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