All-New ZapBox 6-DoF Mixed Reality Device

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All-New ZapBox is a revolutionary step in Zappar’s mission to bring affordable Mixed Reality to the mass market. ZapBox enables content creators and developers to build truly immersive, 6-DoF Mixed Reality (MR) and Virtual Reality (VR) experiences at an unrivaled price point of just $40. In fact, ZapBox comes completely reimagined and redesigned from the previous exploratory cardboard iterations to offer an improved experience. It now has a form factor suitable for the mass market while maintaining an unprecedented price point. Additionally, this MR setup comes with two fully tracked controllers and a Unity plugin. And it lets you create fully tracked mixed reality and virtual reality content. It provides an immersive experience that lets you move around and interact with the content. With a minimal, lightweight, and comfortable design, this 6-DoF mixed reality gadget still keeps you involved in the real world.

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You can both create and experience fully tracked MR and VR content.

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