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Step into your favorite VR game with the Cybershoes Virtual Reality Gaming Shoes. This device allows you to walk through any virtual reality game using natural movement. The Cybershoes let you control your movements by using your feet and legs, adding layers of immersion to any VR experience. Strap on the Cybershoes over your shoes while seated and adjust the size to fit your foot. Be sure to use a chair that can rotate, such as a swivel bar stool. To walk around in a game, simply sit halfway off the seat. Additionally, there’s a roll on the bottom of the Cybershoes, which tracks your movement. Once you get a hang of where it sits, you can use the shoes more effectively without making your legs tired. Finally, the Cybershoes maintain their orientation, allowing you to look around from side to side while walking in the direction of your feet.

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These shoes add another layer of immersion to take you even further into the world of virtual reality.

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