Square Off’s NEO & SWAP Automated AI Board Games

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Looking for a real gaming challenge? Play with the Square Off’s NEO & SWAP Automated AI Board Games. NEO is the ultimate chess partner and includes personalized chess coaching. SWAP, on the other hand, combines multiple board games in one for never-ending fun. These include chess, Halma, checkers, and Connect 4. Or, you can go for an even bigger challenge with Blitz Chess which sees pieces zoom across the board. Both of these incredible board games use adaptive AI to help you play. In fact, the AI automatically adjusts its gameplay based on your skill level with 30 levels to choose from. In addition, these smart game boards have automated movements meaning the pieces move on their own. When it’s time to reset, they move back to their original spots. With globally connected gameplay, you can also challenge millions of users all around the world right from your board.

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The smartest board games you’ll ever find.

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