Eaglemoss Hero Collector Transformers Gen-1 Chess Set

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Get ready to partake in an epic battle with the Eaglemoss Hero Collector Transformers Gen-1 Chess Set. It features characters from the beloved 1984–1987 Transformers: Animated series. Boasting bright colors reminiscent of the 1980s, this chess board has hand-painted polyresin figurines. These figures are modeled on the Generation-One character models and in-show animations. You’ll get 32 unique characters with 16 heroic autobots and 16 evil decepticons to move all across your board. For example, Optimus and Megatron are your kings, and you’ll get other Tranformers like Hot Rod, Ironhide, Soundwave, and Bumblebee. Furthermore, each piece is 4.5–6 inches tall and stands on a base that tells you what piece it is. Moreover, this deluxe chess set has a board that measures more than 25 inches square! Finally, this set gives you a truly premium chess experience.

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The 25-inch board and 6-inch-tall pieces will truly stand out!

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