MyGoFlight Armorglas Antireflection & Antiglare Screen Protector

iPhone XS/XS Max Accessories


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When it comes to screen protection, nothing is better than the feel and clarity of pure glass. The MYGOFLIGHT Armorglas screen protector has both antiglare and antireflective qualities. So you can see your device in the harshest of light conditions. Give your iPhone or iPad incredible protection with this screen protector, which boasts 9H Real Glass. Plus, its bubble-free technology and round border angles have a natural look. Furthermore, with antishatter, antiscratch, and fingerprint-proof film, this iPhone and iPad screen protector keeps your device looking great. It’s also available in Crystal Clear on the iPhone 12 model, which has the same oleophobic coating designed to reduce fingerprints. Built for extreme environments, Armorglas absorbs impacts to minimize the chance of shattering your display. Finally, this antireflection and antiglare screen protector even has the trust of the US Air Force, US Army, and US Forest Service.

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It’ll feel like a natural screen on your phone.

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