Toadi Autonomous Lawn Robot

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The Toadi Autonomous Lawn Robot is intelligent. Powered by artificial intelligence, this yard robot is not just smarter than the rest—it’s in a class of its own. In fact, this autonomous robot doesn’t need a perimeter to find its way around your yard. Instead, it uses a camera and artificial intelligence to do so. This means that Toadi recognizes objects and animals to avoid them. But Toadi isn’t just smart, it also uses mulching technology to keep your grass continually short and healthy. What’s more, Toadi mows in straight lines, though it can handle curved areas. And it tackles hills with up to a 45% incline. With free lifetime updates, this robot will also mow borders in the future. Finally, set multiple zones and guards at night so Toadi knows just where you want her to mow and where you’d like the grass to grow.

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You can tell Toadi where and where not to mow.

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