Bose Frames Audio AR Sunglasses

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Enjoy an immersive audio experience while protecting your eyes with the Bose Frames audio AR sunglasses. This collection features two classic shapes, complete with integrated Bose speakers. Bose Frames come in two styles including Rondon and Alto, which both hide Bose electronics in the temples. In addition, the sunglasses deliver rich audio while those around you can barely hear anything. Utilizing custom speakers and exclusive technologies, the Bose Frames direct sound straight at you and away from anyone else. Moreover, the frames allow you to use Bose AR, an audio-only augmented platform. Designed for sound and sun, the Bose Frames can endure your daily life on the go. Finally, the Bose Frames let you hear and interact with whatever’s happening around you while you listen to music discreetly.

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This incredible technology directs that audio to only your ears.

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