Razer Naga X Ergonomic MMO Gaming Mouse

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Use the Razer Naga X ergonomic MMO gaming mouse exactly how you like to work with its 16 programmable buttons. With an arsenal of commands at your fingertips, you can customize this mouse to your gaming style. And, with a user-friendly design, it offers convenient access to these buttons when you need them. Furthermore, it features a lightweight build, weighing 40% less than the Razer Naga Trinity. In fact, this ergonomic, lightweight design makes every swipe effortless and purposeful. In addition, the Razer Naga X features improved tactile feedback with a response time of 0.2 milliseconds. Best of all, the mouse won’t trigger unintended clicks, so it always keeps you in control and able to play to the best of your ability. Finally, with a 99.4% tracking accuracy, it boasts an advanced level of precision.

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It won’t trigger unintended clicks to keep you in control.

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