Cook System by Wolf and Grizzly Compact Cooking Solution

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Camp cooking can be a real pain, what with bulky pots and pans, unwieldy wood, and the danger of fire. But that’s not so with the Cook System by Wolf and Grizzly compact cooking solution. This compact, organized outdoor stove system provides versatile cooking options and works with either charcoal or wood. Plus, it packs down so small that it’s easy to take with you anywhere. Made for adventure, this minimal-trace cooking system has three height options: flat on the ground, six inches, or eight inches. Its versatile design works on a variety of surfaces, and it even includes a bamboo cutting board that you can also use as a plate. Thanks to its simple setup and breakdown process, this compact cooking solution will have you heating up a fire in no time.

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It’s amazing how small it packs down!

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