SEPTEM Titanium Camp Grill

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Designed for campers and backpackers, the SEPTEM titanium camp grill won’t ever corrode or rust. In fact, made from pure titanium, it has a seriously long-lasting design. With an ultra-lightweight design, this titanium camping grill doubles as a hotplate thanks to its innovative design. Available in two sizes, the small SEPTEM camp grill weighs only 200 grams while the large model weighs just 415 grams. Either way, you’ll love this portable, convenient titanium hotplate with its simple design. A totally practical gadget, it’s easy to clean and ideal for cooking on the go. If you’re a BBQ lover and a backpacker, you’ll love to roast, fry, and boil with the SEPTEM grill. Dependable in design, it’s ready for your next wilderness adventure.

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You’ll love this gadget whether you’re roasting, frying, or boiling!

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