Weed Snatcher Crevice Weeding Tool

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Handle your outdoor space like a pro with the Weed Snatcher Crevice Weeding Tool. Working through cracks and crevices, this device makes ridding your yard of weeds a cinch all without the use of harmful chemicals. The Weed Snatcher is equipped with a strong hook and two sets of wheels. Simply align the hook along the row of weeds and get moving. The power of your movement allows the Weed Snatcher to scoop up weeds from the roots. From sidewalks to decks to driveways, the Weed Snatcher has two easily interchangeable hooks for a variety of surfaces. Extending up from the hook and wheels is a telescopic handle that extends from three to six feet. This feature saves you from bending over and causing back pain. The Weed Snatcher also comes with a lifetime guarantee.

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I love that this tool is chemical-free!

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