Magnapot Cool Magnetic & Modular Workspace Organizer

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Enhance your home or work zone with a versatile solution: the Magnapot cool magnetic organizer. Equal parts a storage container and an art piece, the elegant modules are great for a variety of uses. Available in Classic White and Carbon Gray color options, these modular organizers are great to mix and match to suit your needs. For example, you can use them to hold everything from art supplies to plants and makeup brushes to writing instruments. Moreover, they connect with neodymium magnets, and you can simply attach and detach them as you wish, making them adaptable to any space. With a uniquely handcrafted shape, they provide a modern style that’s great for any craft room, workspace, or living room. Use this beautiful modular organizer to not only keep your space clean but also add a modern, elegant touch.

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You can use them to store work supplies, art accessories, plants, makeup, and more!

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