JGMaker Artist-D Dual Extruder Independent 3D Printer

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IDEX technology uses several separate extruders that operate independently, offering advantages over a multiextruder solution that features a single head. JGMaker lets you print multiple colors in a single model, without needing to purge the filament between each color change. You save filament, and the printing process is faster. To offer more printing choices, the JGMaker Artist-D dual extruder independent 3D printer has a direct drive. It features a no-gap feeding system that makes the distance between the filament feed motor and the nozzle much closer. This prevents blockage issues, so you can feed and print TPU flexible filaments easily. This dual extruder independent 3D printer also features an innovative nozzle extrusion kit, letting you easily and quickly remove the nozzle with just one step—pressing a swap button when the hot end cools. Then eject and replace the active nozzle for quick repairs in the event of a clog.

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It’s awesome that you can use two materials in one model.

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