Superstrata Unibody Carbon Fiber Bicycle

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Looking for your favorite bike? Look no further than the Superstrata Unibody Carbon Fiber Bicycle. This incredibly designed unibody carbon fiber bike is both ultra strong and light. Don’t believe the hype? Here are the facts. This carbon fiber bike is 50% stronger than Kevlar, 15 times stronger than titanium, and 61 times stronger than steel. Made of an advanced carbon fiber composite material, this unibody frame has no glue, no joints, and no bolts. Crafted through a custom 3D printing process and precision lasers, this bicycle fits your body measurements and is tailored just for you. In fact, it’s suitable for riders between 4’7″ and 7’4″ tall. But don’t worry, bike-building professionals ensure it meets their top-notch quality standards. The collection includes the Superstrata C (classic) and Superstrata E (eBike) as well as the Superstrata carbon fiber wheels. You’ll never want to travel by car again.

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It weighs fewer than three pounds—that’s incredible!

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