GravaStar Sirius Low-Latency Earbuds

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Complete your gaming setup with the GravaStar Sirius low-latency earbuds, which have a sci-fi design fit for any gamer. Boasting 65 ms latency, they suit your fast-paced gaming needs. Made of a zinc alloy material, they have 6 dynamic RGB LEDs for even more personalization and compatibility with your other gaming gadgets. What’s more, these earbuds have a dynamic driver and Knowles balanced armatures that support HD audio. And, because you game nonstop, the Sirius earbuds boast a 24-hour battery life with a charging case. Designed with smart, intuitive touch controls, they also feature ENC noise cancellation to keep you focused on the game at hand. Enjoy what these futuristic earbuds have to offer—including a built-in bottle opener!

Discovered by Genevieve

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These sci-fi earbuds have a bottle opener, Knowles balanced armatures for crazy deep bass, and six RGB lights.

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